Benefits of ROSE

In comparison with traditional technologies, ROSE provides a great number of benefits, in all aspects: robustness, flexibility, development speed, ability to cope with VUCA scenarios, excellence in supporting innovation processes, among others.

However, the most relevant impact is the return on investment. In the traditional technologies, the growth of the number of components harms the global capabilities of the company: the more source code and applications, the more resources drained to sustain them. This the law of diminishing returns. With ROSE, the situation is the opposite. As more knowledge is stored in the repositories, it can be reused more and more times, with no cost, in different processes. Therefore, the rate of return increases on time.

This is why ROSE is so important:

  • ROSE is a universal platform that can be applied corporate-wide. It eliminates complexity, instead of creating more.

  • ROSE is the fastest development tool in the market, and offers increasing returns as the company applies it to more and more processes

  • ROSE fits better in environments where digital transformation has become an imperative: companies that are in high pressure for innovation, for efficiency, for globalization…

In summary, ROSE is a platform for supporting the digital transformation process of any company, regardless of sector or size. ROSE is the key enabling technology for the XXI century.

ROSE changes the way companies work in a profound way. ROSE becomes the technological enabler of large changes, that are going to transform completely the economic scenario.

  • Transform the IT landscape, reducing radically the number of technicians (programmers, systems engineers, etc.)

  • Facilitates a massive transport of systems from traditional infrastructures to cloud

  • Supports strong initiatives to innovate business processes, products and business models. Companies have, at last, a standard way to apply changes in their business, fast and with low risk

  • Due to the capability to create large networks of processes, across all the value chain, ROSE produce large amounts of business data that can be the base for further innovations and evolution

  • People changes: new professions rise around the ability of ROSE of supporting business processes at large scale and evolve them very quickly. Knowledge engineering is the new focus, people aware of technologies, business-oriented and specialized in innovation, models and data analysis.

  • Companies get access to edge technologies without the need to hire scarce and expensive people. These technologies can be IoT, AI, blockchain, automation, advance manufacturing, xPaaS, and others.

In summary, ROSE has the possibility to provoke a big impact in the way business perform across all industries.