The strategy in creating a digital company has to focus in the following key rules:
Preserve your legacy systems. Starting a digital transformation replacing them is very dangerous.
Focus on integrated platforms, not in applications.
Use UGROUND ROSE to foster innovation and interconnection of business processes.
Avoid writing large bunches of code. The more you write, the worst future you will have focus on people, they can be stoppers or leaders.
Over time you can think about your current legacies:. Are still being useful and cost effective? If not, ROSE can help you replace them.
To start your Digital Transformation you can brief UGROUND consulting sharing your particular concerns, challenges and business goals. Whichever format your briefing takes, we will deliver in less than 3 months.
An impactful quick that will help you boost and sustain our common project in your organisation.
Proof of how our work has improved your business ROI in strategic fronts such as product development, customer management, process effectiveness and efficiency, improved results in each of your value chain components..
UGROUND work  process will be carried out using agile methods, oriented  to business processes, using iterative refinements in the knowledge base and includes the following stages.

Training and Knowledge Transfer

In UGROUND we develop large amounts of new knowledge about many issues. We would like to share it with you, in training or knowledge transformation programs including the topics below:
  • Digital Transformation for Strategists.
  • What is Digital Transformation.
  • How to create successful strategies for your company.
  • Which are the new business models, how the economy is changing.
  • The Digital part of Digital Transformation.

Business Models and Process Analysis

  • How to create a digital twin of your company.
  • Process analysis.
  • Business Activity Monitoring.
  • Semantic-based development.
  • Ontologies.
  • Semantic-oriented analysis of business processes.
  • ROSE technology.


Process Analysis
Prototype development and discussion
Technical integration & Data load, etc
User Experience
User Acceptance Testing